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The Advantage Of Sensor Garbage Can

Publish Time: Author: Site Editor Visit: 1998

Automatic intelligent sensor trash can is a set of light, machine, electricity in one of the high-tech smart products, which broke through the traditional trash can with your hands or feet to open ,brokethe thinking barrier, and use the microcomputer control, infrared sensing, Mechatronics and other better technology used in the field of junk, in addition it has more advantages:

  1. Automatic sensor, 0.3 rapid opening, rapid induction, without delay, 30cm sensing range, do not bend over the non-contact does not pollute, more safety and health.
  2. Touch the delay switch, when the hand or the item is within the sensing range, the lid will always be open until the hand or object completely leave the sensing area
  3. No power to start, no electricity strike, we provide a single rechargeable lithium battery and USB power supply line, 3-4 hours to charge, charge once can be used for 6 months, convenient and quick. Even when the battery is depleted, automatic trash bin can be manually turned on when no electricity is available.
  4. The outer barrel is made of high quality stainless steel, anti-oxidation, corrosion-resistant, safe and non-toxic. The inner barrel is made of ABS plastic material, impermeable to water, high temperature, flame retardant, durable and safe.
  5. anti-fingerprint technology, feel smooth, sophisticated technology, barrel anti-fingerprint coating, easy to clean, not afraid of dirty, anti-pollution anti-fingerprint waterproof
  6. The bottom of the barrel made of non-slip silicone, tough wear-resistant, non-slip safety, floor safety
  7. Security and strong sealing, double barrel design, do not expose rubbish, prevent all kinds of mosquitoes patronize, to avoid bacteria breeding, odor isolation, indoor air fresh and clean, comprehensive protection of family health.

The Advantage Of Sensor Garbage Can