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How To Install The New Sensor Trash Can

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Open the battery cover on the head of the automatic trash can and load the rechargeable battery by the positive and negative signs.

Turn on the power switch at the back of sensor garbage can lid. The red indicator light flashes “on” (about 2 seconds). This indicator flashes, indicating that the circuit system of the smart trash can has entered the working state.

When putting in garbage, place the hand or object close to the sensing window (vertical direction) 25-35cm. After a few seconds, the sensor garbage bin lid will open automatically. After the garbage is put into the sensing area for a few seconds, the sensor trash bin lid will close again. If the hand or object does not leave the sensing area, the automatic sensor trash can lid will remain open.

 After the garbage in the barrel is full, you can remove the whole barrel cover and take out the plastic bag or inner barrel to dump the garbage.

When the indicator light is in the usual waiting state, it will display a red flashing signal (flashing once every 8 seconds). The indicator light is solid green when the cover is opened, and the indicator enters the standby state after the cover is closed.