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What Is The Lcd Display Sensor Rubbish Bin

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With the popularity of smart trash cans, smart trash can not only automatically sensor open the lid , but now it also introduces a liquid crystal display smart trash can. The product sensing area uses liquid crystal display, LCD buttons, high-end atmospheric technology, after the switch is turned on, the product is in In standby mode, the red indicator on the LCD screen flashes once every 12 seconds. When the hand or object is placed in the sensing area, the lid will open automatically. When the hand or object remains at the appropriate distance above the sensing area, there will be a red circle on the LCD panel. Flashing continuously, the busy state is displayed. When the user leaves the sensing area after completing the operation, the LCD panel displays a numerical reciprocal of "5" to" 1", which is used to display the time remaining for the cover to close. When the number is displayed as "1", the cover is automatically closed. This is a high-intelligent liquid crystal display smart trash can, which is not only beautiful in appearance, but also convenient to use.