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Bin With Sensor Lid

Ivory white is currently the most popular infrared trash can color. The first is that it is more atmospheric, and the second is that white makes people feel neat. Today, people like modern minimalist style. Use the white infrared trash can to make your home life look more upscale....
Product Name:
bin with sensor lid
stainless steel
Brand Name:
induction type

Bin With Sensor Lid

Product Details

We got many good comments from our customers, because we insisits to provide high quality prototypes, save the cost and time for our customers.

best motion sensor trash can

Product Detail:

Product Detail

Product Advantage:

  • The new integrated silent motor is equipped with a smart chip intelligent control bucket lid lifting speed, slow lifting and descending air damping, silencer opening and closing, and a quiet posture into an elegant posture.
  • Removable inner bucket with handle for easy removal of waste, great for your kitchen.
  • Bin with sensor lid is made of stainless steel material, the base is moisture-proof, non-slip, and it is easy to touch and fall to the ground. It is not easy to scratch the wooden floor.
  • Bin with sensor lid useHigh-tech anti-fingerprint technology. The bright stainless steel atmosphere barrel has strong anti-pollution ability, which greatly reduces the number of cleaning.
  • Removable inner bucket with handle for easy removal of waste, great for your kitchen.

trash can with sensor lid

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