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The Daily Maintenance Of The Intelligent Waste Bin

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1. When installing the battery, pay attention to the positive and negative electrode of the battery.

2. In the process of opening the lid, do not use external force to press the lid or quick clamshell to avoid damage to accessories.

3. When the electric energy is depleted, should charge the sensor garbage can in time, and make it normally use.

The Daily Maintenance Of The Intelligent Waste Bin

4. Avoid the use of trash cans in direct sunlight or excessive humidity.

5. Keep the induction window clean to ensure that the barrel head induction function is normal.

6. Please do not disassemble or replace parts with other parts without permission.

7. Please do not mix the acid and alkaline batteries, you can not mix the rechargeable battery with the disposable battery.

8. Be sure to clean the trash cans with clean rags, please do not reward the household water flushing, because the garbage can part of the circuit is composed of many electronic components, in case of water damp is likely to make its internal electronic components damaged.