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Touchless Dustbin

The touchless bin body of the garbage can is made of good quality new pp material, which is waterproof and easy to clean....
Product Name:
touchless bin
1.47kg 0.88kg
Battery Capacity:
2 AA

Touchless Dustbin

Product Details

Touchless bin is fast response, 0.3 second quick response to open, then slowly close to reduce the smell in the air. Humanized sensing distance: The default induction is 20cm~30cm, no contact with the trash can, away from bacteria.

Intelligent delayIntelligent Sensitive

Product Advantage:

  • Rectangle Shape-- Rectangular touchless bin is different With Round Trash Bin , A Longitudinal Opening Trash Bin Could Take Its Advantages And Be Placed In A Narrow Place Or Along The wall. It Could Be Widely Used In Office, Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom.
  • Stylish rectangular style--Our touchless bin rectangular shape is perfect for office, Home and kitchen. Fit against the wall, In the corner or just about anywhere.
  • 100% touchless infrared motion sensor-- No need to touch the lid of touchless bin! Just the motion of your hand opens the lid automatically.
  • 2 AA size batteries 

Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details

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