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Automatic Lid Garbage Can

Automatic lid garbage can is exquisite and stylish–elegant, good quality waterproof sensor can body is easy to clean. If you don't want the whole house to smell like you don't like, you need to make sure that the lid of the bathroom trash can is always closed, and good sealing makes this possible....
Product Name:
automatic lid garbage can
induction type
Battery Capacity:
2 AA

Automatic Lid Garbage Can

Product Details

Automatic lid garbage can use adaptive closure technology: the infrared sensor can automatically identify the object staying in the sensing area and keep the lid open. After 5 seconds from the go away sensing area, the lid automatically closes.

Intelligent SensitiveIntelligent delay

Product Advantage:

  • Sensor garbage can in use will make a lot of noise, how our kitchen trash can use slow down technology, open and close will not make a lot of noise, you can rest assured that you can use, do not worry about disturbing the rest of the family.
  • BIG CAPACITY: 12 liter automatic lid garbage can absolutely meet your daily use, in the kitchen table next to a kitchen trash can, you will be more convenient to deal with kitchen waste
  • SUITABLE FOR VARIOUS PLACES: Our automatic lid garbage can be used in all places where we can use it. It's big, beautiful and the price is right. Why not to buy one ? The kitchen, the bedroom, the living room, the study, the activity room, even in your kid's cabin, I think it's all right to put one of our kitchen trash can. 

Product DetailsProduct Details

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