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Touchless Kitchen Garbage Can

Our touchless kitchen garbage can are made of high-quality stainless steel and have a high-end look. It is not only a trash can, but also a good decoration. You can use it in the kitchen, bedroom, toilet, bathroom and living room....
Product Name:
touchless kitchen garbage can
80 Litre
Packaging System:
Pulp+double wall kraft box
Twice off Cover Function,Normally Open Cover Function,No Inner Barrel

Touchless Kitchen Garbage Can

Product Details

In addition to sensing, our touchless kitchen garbage can also set a manual open mode to prevent the battery from running out. When there is no battery replacement, it can be manually turned on, and the operation is convenient and simple.


MOTION SENSORProduct DetailsDimension

Touchless kitchen garbage can three open and lid mode:

Normally open mode

  • If you need to deal with garbage frequently, just press the OPEN/CLOSE button to switch to the normally open cover mode. To close the cover, press the OPEN/CLOSE button again.

Manual mode

  • The battery is exhausted. If there is no replacement battery, you can use the no-power mode, directly open it manually, and design it intimately.

Hold live all scenes

  • Small footprint, but with moderate capacity. Every day your emotions and sorrows are silent. Living room, kitchen, office space, etc. 
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