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Large Touchless Trash Can

The large touchless trash can adopts infrared sensing technology, and the lid is quickly sensed by 0.3 seconds. After 5 seconds, the trash can automatically closes the lid, no need to touch, the trash can automatically open and close, and it is easy to throw garbage without touching the trash can during cooking, which is more convenient for hygiene and Fast....
Product Name:
large touchless trash can
80 Litre
3 D Batteries
Packaging Details:
Supply Ability:
150000 Piece/Pieces per Month

Large Touchless Trash Can

Product Details

There is a garbage bag fixing ring in the large touchless trash can  to prevent the garbage bag from being exposed, which makes the whole garbage bin look more beautiful. It is not only a very practical household trash can, but also a kitchen decoration.

MOTION SENSORLarge Touchless Trash CanDimension

Product Advantage:

  • 100 percent touch-free operation Touchless trash can is very easy to use
  • Large touchless trash can lid opens automatically and remains open when your hands/objects are detected Manual open and close buttons allow for longer disposal times.
  • Large touchless trash can has three mode,Induction mode, quick opening and closing automatic cover: Infrared sensing technology, accurately capture each of your movements, use the process without contact, truly liberate your hands and feet, quickly classify the life, automatically close the cover after leaving the sensing area for 3 seconds.

Open and Close Silent Quiet Enjoy Life

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