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Touchless Kitchen Garbage Cans

Trash cans are essential for life. The development of smart trash cans is the advancement of technology. Intelligent trash cans will eventually replace ordinary trash cans. The development of smart trash cans is very promising....
Product Name:
Induction smart trash can
square shape
rechargeable battery (included)
rose gold

Touchless Kitchen Garbage Cans

Product Description:

  • The trash can Rechargeable can be used for 5 months once,This trash bin is equipped with a sensor activated and motorized lid,0.3 second induction cover, 25CM induction zone,It opens with just a wave of the hand and closes automatically after 5 seconds, making it especially hygienic and perfectly suitable for the use in the kitchen.
  • The bin bucket is made from stainless steel and Removable inner bucket for easy access and cleaning. Its round shape and elegant design make it a great addition to any room.
  • No noise between opening and closing, giving the family a comfortable and quiet environment,Suitable for Modern Hotel,Office Home ,Commercial Square,Kitchen,Bathroom,living room,It suits all common bin bags, according to the litre size of your waste bin.
  • Garbage Bin which is environmentally friendly and healthy,Heavy work to create anti-fingerprint technology, no fear of fingerprint touch, dirty and easy to clean,The strong ABS lid houses the control panel, which operates the touchless sensor function
  • West garbage bag fixed ring 90 degree angle open to avoid garbage spillover and facilitate garbage storage.

Product Details:

Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct DetailsColoursSmart sensor, shake hand automatically open.

Product Application:

Product Application

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