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Best Motion Sensor Trash Can

Sensor trash can have beautiful and modern apparance, and you can use in differnt room,kitchen,bathroom,bedroom,living room and so on....
12 Litre
Lid Open and Close Automatically
USB battery charger

Best Motion Sensor Trash Can

Product Description:

  • We use the best materials and sturdy engineering – stainless steel barrels, ABS plastic covers, silicone bases, so our products will be used in the harsh environment of your home for many years.
  • Sensor activate,with clear led display indicator,and can be turn on/off manually with buttons.
  • Sensor opening when you are 30cm around the sensor area,and close automatically afterwards.
  • 100% Touchless Trash Can with Sensor-Operated Lid – no touching required! The motion sensor opens the lid automatically, 0.3 sensor quick response.
  • Battery powered:single 18650 chargable lithum(not included) or usb line ,low power consumption ,batteries can be used for about 6 monthes.

Product Details:

Product Details340 Stainless SteelSmart sensor, shake hand automatically open.

Product Feature:

  • Auto Sensor Trash Can, a kind of high-tech, environmentally friendly intelligent product, is quite simple and convenient to operate.  improving indoor air quality to protect our health.
  • Auto Sensor Trash Can is applicable to many areas, such as office, living room, kitchen, bathroom, hospital, etc.
  • Imported IC controller chip, EMC anti-jamming design, more intelligent;

Product Application:

Product Application

Product Application

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