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Sensible Living Trash Can

Our smart trash cans are made of high-quality stainless steel. They are not only beautiful in appearance, but also have anti-fingerprint coating on the barrel of the trash can, which is easy to clean, dirty, strong and durable....
Eco-Friendly, Stocked
Product Name:
sensible living trash can
Delivery Time:
25 Days After Payment
4pcs,welcome to inquiry the price.
23.5X23.5X32.5 cm
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Sensible Living Trash Can

Sensible Living Trash Can

Product Details

If you need small touchless trash can, smartideal trash can is your perfect choose.

Product DetailsIngenious work F ocus on the detailsSmart and sensitive

Product Advantage:

  • Garbage collector: Collect waste in bathroom, kitchen or under your desk in a hygienic way -10 Litres
  • Motion sensing: Infrared field senses the area above the can so it opens automatically sensible living trash can with just the wave of your hand.
  • Practical: sensible living trash bin can also be used manually - Simply remove the lid for emptying - With liner bucket
  • Neat and easy:sensible living trash can have garbage bag storage ring on the inner barrel,they don't slip, and they stay completely hidden.
  • Battery-operated: Needs rechargeable battery (included) - Lid with on/off switch
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