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Sensor Waste Can

Our sensor waste can is 100 percent touch-free operation Touchless trash can and it is very easy to use,mute opening and closing, there is no trace of interference, integrated silent motor, smart chip control cover slow rise and fall, air damping, eliminate excess noise, make every opening and closing such as wind whisper, soft and elegant....
Product Name:
sensor waste can
induction type
Battery Capacity:
2 AA

Sensor Waste Can

Product Details

  • Sensor waste can is sensor automatic open and close lid, it is also  easy to use on/off button. It can also be operated manually.
  • sensor waste can is made of durable, flexible plastic.
  • sensor waste can is stylish modern design
  • it Suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, home offices and more.
  • Product size:26.1*19.8*35.8cm

Product DetailsInduction distance adjustment stepInduction distance adjustment step

Product Advantage:

  • Silent Lid:Sensor waste can As Cushion Set Equipped At The Lid, The Lid Recovers Slowly And Makes No Harsh Noise Of metal. With A Lid ,The Airtightness Is Excellent, No Smelly Odor Of Waste Comes Out When closed.
  • Fully automatic: Sensor waste can is 25-30cm infrared smart sensor, When the finger is close to the trash can window, The lid will open
  • automatically, And the lid will automatically close when 5 seconds.
  • Versatile:The removable interior liner bucket  of sensor waste canhas handles, Making it so easy to empty; the slim profile and modern
  • style means you can operate it hands-Free; great for apartments, Condos, Campers,Dorm rooms, Cabins and tiny homes.

Product DetailsProduct Details

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