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Infrared Sensor Trash Can

Our infrared sensor trash can is water resistant infrared motion sensor detects motion within inches of sensor range This durable trashcan uses the most advance sensor technology can be found in all smartideal trash cans....
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Infrared Sensor Trash Can
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Infrared Sensor Trash Can

Product Details

Our infrared sensor trash can have strong odor protection, provides Antimicrobial Protection Of The Lid And The Lid Frame By Inhibiting The Growth Of Odor Causing Bacteria For The Life Of The Can.

Product Details

Product Details

  1. Before adjusting the sensing distance,you need to turn off the power (long press for more than 5 seconds to turn  off the power), enter the shutdown state.
  2. In the off state, long press the switch button (open/close), after about 3 seconds, the indicator light flashes alternately red and green.
  3. Place your hand above the sensor window to adjust the height (adjustment range 6cm-30cm), keep the height of the hand unchanged.
  4. Release the switch button (open/close), leave the sensor window after the indicator light is off, and the height adjustment is completed.

Induction distance adjustment stepInduction distance adjustment step

Infrared sensor trash can description:

Battery compartment design

Mothproof and moisture proof, easy to replace the battery

High capacity

Large capacity, large opening for your throw angle

Garbage bag fixed pressure ring

Prevent the garbage bag from being exposed and affect the appearance

Non-slip bottom

The stable base is designed to be moisture-proof, non-slip, and difficult to touch down.

Infrared Sensor Trash Can

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