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Stainless Steel Automatic Dustbin

Our stainless steel automatic dustbint has a manual opening function that can be used normally when the battery is exhausted....
Product Name:
Stainless Steel Automatic Dustbin
Battery Capacity:
2 DD

Stainless Steel Automatic Dustbin

Stainless Steel Automatic Dustbin Feature:

  • Design: Infrared sensor is turned on quickly, and it doesn't need to be touched to the trash when placing garbage.
  • Process: stainless steel stamping forging, anti-fingerprint, anti-pressure, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, non-toxic, after many professional testing.

Product AdvantageAnti-fingerprint coating

Product Advantage:

  • The stainless steel automatic dustbin lid will open automatically with hand placing within 40cm above the sensing area. No bending, no garbage touching. Stay away from bad smells and bacteria. 0.3s Infrared induction feature means more accurate detection of each action.
  • The stainless steel automatic dustbinis sufficient to store a day’s domestic garbage including large pieces of garbage like fast food boxes, large cola bottles and more. Comes with a white shell, the trash can will be perfectly match the environment of bedroom, kitchen, living room or bathroom.
  • The stainless steel automatic dustbin is crafted from fingerprint-resistant brushed stainless steel, and offers the striking contrast of a black rimmed lid. The intelligent sensor function offers the convenience of hands free, quiet operation with the soft open and close lid. There is also a full manual mode option when required. 

Product Details

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