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Sensor Metal Trash Can

Sensor metal trash can dustbin lid motion, wear resistance, good storage, allows you to use for a long time.This sensor metal trash can is our design team's innovation in the kitchen trash can, designed with the principle of the clean, healthy, fast and convenient kitchen, electric open-top trash can....
Product Name:
sensor metal trash can
Battery Capacity:
2 AA

Sensor Metal Trash Can

Product Details

Sensor metal trash can  is the initial embodiment of smart home, equipped with infrared technology to make your kitchen with a modern sense of technology and freshness, manual operation, very convenient, just press the manual button on the control panel. In addition, the good sealing performance is very good to isolate the smell of garbage, whether it is domestic garbage or kitchen garbage,our trash can give you a good experience.

Product DetailsPrecision lifting, quiet opening and closing

Product Advantage:

  • [Professional storage ring] When the barrel is placed on the garbage bag, it is stuffed into the storage ring to hide the garbage bag, which is beautiful and hygienic.
  • [Simple and stylish] The sensor metal trash can is beautiful and soft, and the color is elegant and generous.
  • [Good sealing performance] sensor metal trash can use compact structure design, good sealing performance, no odor emission, health and health.
  • [Battery compartment design] The battery compartment of sensor metal trash can is designed in the barrel head to prevent moisture and moisture.


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