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Electronic Sensor Trash Can

Our electronic sensor trash can automatically opens the lid just by hand - 100% no contact! The wide lid opening makes it easy, fast and dust-free even for bulky rubbish. The garbage bag retaining ring securely holds the bag in place and hides out of sight....
Product Name:
electronic sensor trash can
wine red
Battery Capacity:
2 DD

Electronic Sensor Trash Can

Product Details

Our electronic sensor trash can enhance your trash experience,  extra-strong and durable stainless steel material and new pp inner bucket fit this can perfectly for a cleaner trash experience.we provide 2-year warranty, we use the best materials and solid engineering so our products will last in tough environments like your home for years.

Ultra-quiet, low-decibelNon-contact healthier

Product Advantage:

  • Electronic sensor trash can is that you don't have to physically touch the garbage can when throwing out trash. The electronic sensor trash cancomes in handy since some trash cans can have a lot of guck on the surface forcing you to touch it when throwing something out (ie the trash cans in public places or fast food restaurants).
  • That way you can both enjoy a touchless experience and still not have to have unsightly trash in plain view. You'll find that the smartideal electronic sensor trash can is great to have in the kitchen or living room, bathrom.


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