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Touchless Litter Bin

Automatic Trash Bin Quick Detail: Function:senor Color:ivory white Capacity:12L Application:garden,outdoor ,indoor Size:23.5*23.5*46cm Material:stainless steel Function:automatic lid Product Discribtion: Smart dustbin The trash can is one of the household items commonly used in......
stainless steel
ivory white
garden,outdoor ,indoor
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Touchless Litter Bin
Automatic Trash Bin Automatic Trash Bin Touchless Litter Bin Touchless Litter Bin

Automatic Trash Bin

Product Discribtion:

The trash can is one of the household items commonly used in the home, and a family still needs to use several. In the past, due to the standard of living, the trash bins are generally made of plastic material, with bright colors and low prices. With the improvement of the entire living standards, Slowly there was a high-level pedal bin. When it appeared, it really gave people a sense of freshness. It felt like the bin was convenient and the rubbish would not be exposed. It was convenient, but it did not know. We have not found out that although this type of trash can solve the problem that rubbish will not be exposed, their appearance is not perfect, especially in the toilet, and it is even more inconvenient. Every time you go to the toilet, you have to stand up. It is not only inconvenient and unhygienic to step on it. To solve this embarrassing situation, a smart trash can emerge. The smart trash can not be waited and touched. It is easy to throw away the trash, especially in the toilet. This trash can is essential

Product Details:

  • Infrared Automatic Sensor ,when your hand or object is within 30cm of the sening area,0.3 seconds trash can automatically open the lid,after 5 seconds automatically close the lid .
  • LCD Sensor Panel,the trash can clsoes the coutdown dispaly on the display,when the number is "1",the trash can automatically close .
  • Silent Descent Device, the mute descending device is used in the opening cover to slow dowm the ultra-quiet,creating a comfortable and intelligent environment ,and the baby of the family sleeps healthier.
  • Chargeable Battery ,use 18650 rechargeable battery or USB charge line (included),charing 4-8 hours at a time ,can be used for 2-6 months,high environmental protection and low energy,consumption.

Product DetailsProduct Details

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