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Sensor Dustbin Plastic Trash Bin

Our smart trash can has a sensing range of 25-30cm, you do n’t need to bend over, you can easily throw trash just by using your hands or knees. Our newly developed plastic smart trash can has a kick function, and the trash can 360 ° No dead angle can be sensed. As long as you touch the barrel of the trash can with an object or kick, the trash can can recognize and open the lid, which is convenient, fast and hygienic....
Product Name:
sensor dustbin plastic trash bin
Modes of Packing:
Polystyrene foam+mail box
Packing size:

Sensor Dustbin Plastic Trash Bin

Product Feature:

  • 360-degree automatic induction, touch the cover to open the hand, and it will open at 15 °.
  • Bend-free design, the lid can be opened at any angle
  • Sensitive and fast sensor
  • Our colored trash cans apply for various kinds of indoor environment,
  • Such as family, restaurant, hotel, office, mall, bank, school, hospital, laboratory, etc.
  • You can tell me your requirements,then i can recommend the right one for you.

Product Details

Product Advantage:

  • MANUAL MODE -- The sensor dustbin plastic trash bin is designed with a manual lid opening slot, which can also be opened manually when there is no electricity. Or when you need to open the lid for a long time, you can turn off the power (The power switch is on the lid) and use manual mode.For example,eat melon seeds,peel fruits and vegetables,etc.
  • We don't need to touch the garbage bin, the lid  of sensor dustbin plastic trash bin will open or close automatically.It can keep us away from the bacteria brought by rubbish.
  • Premium Features– Retainer Ring prevents bag falling in. Air Vents create air flow to ease bag removal. Sensor dustbin plastic trash bin use non-skid base and  prevent the trash can from tipping over and scratching the floor.


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