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Auto Open Bathroom Trash Can

Our new plastic trash cans are made of high-quality pp materials, durable and stylish, making them the best choice for modern home bathrooms and toilets....
Product Name:
auto open bathroom trash can
PP plastic
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Auto Open Bathroom Trash Can

Auto Open Bathroom Trash Can

Product Feature:

  • When you want throw rubbish, let your hands approach induction window about 20cm,the cover will open automatically.when your hand or object leave 5 seconds,the sensor garbage can will close the lid automatically.
  • 360-degree automatic induction, touch the cover to open the hand, and it will open at 15 °.
  • Bend-free design, the lid can be opened at any angle.


Product Advantage:

  • new pp material, solid and durable
  • 10L Automatic Open Lid Trash Can.
  • On/off button and an open close button for when you want the lid to stays open and sensor off Anti-fingerprint commercial grade trash can, best for kitchen, office, living room and bedroom.
  • Size :27*17*30.8cm
  • Powered by 2 AA

Product Details

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