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Trash Bin With Sensor

Our trash bin with sensor come in many different colors and different designs in this series. They are very suitable for use in homes, supermarkets, shopping malls, etc. For more details, please check our website....
Product Name:
trash bin with sensor
Package Included:
1*Automatic Sensing Dustbin,1*inner bucket, 1*rechargeable battery and 1*usb charge line
stainless steel+ PP + ABS
rechargeable battery(included)
23.5* 23.5 *32.5cm
Household Electric Full Automatic Intelligent Automatic Sensing Dustbin

Trash Bin With Sensor

Product Details

Our trash bin with sensor automatically open the cover in 0.3 seconds, automatically close after 5 seconds, reasonable sensing distance of 25-30cm, let you easily throw garbage.

Product DetailsProduct Details

Product Advantage:

  • Trash bin with sensor is made with High Quality Materials
  • Offers an Efficient and User friendly experience
  • Rechargeable battery (include)
  • Trash bin with sensor is seal design, lock odor: The inside of the barrel adopts one-piece  inverted mold to form a closed seal, which effectively prevents the odor in the barrel from spreading, prevents odor, keeps the room clean, and protects the health of you and your family.

Product Advantage

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