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Motion Sensor Garbage Bin

Our motion sensor garbage bin is powered by a rechargeable battery. We also distribute USB charging cable for 4-6 hours and 2-6 months. Save time and money for buying dry batteries for you. When the motion sensor garbage bin is charged, the trash can can be used normally, which is very convenient....
Product Name:
hand motion trash can
Gross weight:
stainless steel+ PP + ABS
induction type

Motion Sensor Garbage Bin

Product Details

Motion sensor garbage bins are a popular choice for residential and commercial applications because they are not only beautiful but also hygienic. By choosing the right smart sensor trash can, it can usually be used in a variety of scenarios, such as bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, hotels, offices, schools, shopping malls, etc., and to meet a variety of needs.

Motion Sensor Garbage BinProduct AdvantageMotion Sensor Garbage Bin

Product Advantage:

Motion sensor garbage bin store an ample amount of waste - enough for a large family! The motion sensor garbage bin opening is big enough to empty a dustpan without spilling, while the unique dampened lid hinge eliminates that irritating clatter when you open or close the lid. A removable stainless steel lid unit makes it easy to replace the available custom bin liners, and conveinent for a simple, quick clean up.

Motion Sensor Garbage Bin

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