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Automatic Bathroom Trash Can

Automatic bathroom trash can is 0.3 second fast sensing, adaptive time-delay closure technology, when the lid sensor is turned on, the motion sensor bathroom trash can automatically recognize the object staying in the induction and keep the lid open. After leaving the sensing area for 3 seconds, the lid automatically closes....
Product Name:
automatic bathroom trash can
Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China
Package Size:

Automatic Bathroom Trash Can

Product Details

The one-piece seamless barrel body of automatic bathroom trash can is made of ABS environmentally-friendly plastic material, which is formed by high-temperature stamping, which is more beautiful and durable, waterproof and leakproof.

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Product Advantage:

This automatic bathroom trash can is a perfect trash container. With its intelligent capabilities and sophisticated design, this garbage can makes an ideal upgrade for any room decor. With the equipped infrared technology, this motion sensor bathroom trash can helps keep bathroom clean and air fresh. 20-30cm above the infrared panel, the lid will open automatically. Press the manual button OPEN on the control panel, the lid  of motion sensor bathroom trash can will open all the time, press CLOSE, then it will colse. On/off button and an open close button for when you want the lid to stays open and sensor off. Motion sensor bathroom trash can use commercial grade plastic, it is best for kitchen, office, living room and bedroom.


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