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Touchless Automatic Motion Sensor Trash Can

We are a manufacturer specializing in the production of sensor garbage can.Touchless stainless steel trash can is a new smart home product, it use with your smart home products to make life easier and more convenient....

Touchless Automatic Motion Sensor Trash Can

Product Advantages:

  • An ideal refuse solution for around the home or workplace which is lightweight, hard wearing and easy to clean.
  • Neat and secure, stainless steel liner rim flips up for a quick and easy liner change, a variety of colors for different environments and garbage collection.
  • 3 seconds automatic sensing, no contact, double button control, two options.
  • No noise, creating a comfortable and peaceful home environment.
  • Press the normally open button and the lid will always open.

Product Parameters:

Proudct name: Touchless Automatic Motion Sensor Trash Can
Touchless garbage can material: Stainless Steel
Automatic trash can size: 23.5*23.5*42 cm
Sensor bin surface: Polished,stain finish
Touchless bin cover mechanism: Slow closing,less noisy
Automatic trash can opener feature: Eco-friendly,waterproof,dustproof,anti-rust
Motion sensor wastebasket application: Home,Office,Airport,Railway station,Shopping mall

Product Details:

Product Details

Product Details

Product Details

High quality stainless steel

Product Features:

  • Intelligent design:  When your hand is close to the sensor window, the infrared technology will feel the lid will open automatically, and the lid will automatically close after 5 seconds, so no need to use your hands, no contact is healthier.
  • Design: Non-slip base, sealed design, it also has anti-fingerprint design and three modes, normally open mode, sensing mode, manual mode. User-friendly design, hand sensing, knee sensing.
  • Applicable places: Suitable for homes, hotels, offices etc., thanks to the large capacity, the bin doesn't need emptying as often.


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