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Sensor Rubbish Bin Stainless Steel

Sensor Rubbish Bin Stainless Steel Quick Detail: Structure:Standing Color:pearl silver Capacity:12L Application:garden,outdoor ,indoor Size:23.5*23.5*46cm Material:stainless steel Function:automatic lid Product Discribtion: Features: (1) The product breaks through the barriers......
stainless steel
automatic lid
stripe champange gold
garden,outdoor ,indoor

Sensor Rubbish Bin Stainless Steel

Product Discribtion:

  1. The product breaks through the barriers of traditional lidded bins with their hands or feet covering the lid. This will attract people to consciously throw rubbish into the bins and attract children to throw rubbish into the bins. To develop a good habit of not littering, so that our surroundings are more beautiful.
  2. The smart waste bin  complies with the pursuit of modern society. Inductive opening and closing of the lid allows people to worry less when cleaning and reduces the chance of cross-infection of various germs in life.
  3. Good tightness, no overflow of waste odor and fresh air around.
  4. This product has a variety of colors, a variety of capacity, a variety of material choices; advanced technology applications, automatic upgrades in public places and home grades, to meet the people's advocacy of human nature and fashion, continue to shape the personality and charm of the life style; Ultra-low price, great value, ideal for office, home, public, conference, medical, etc.


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