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Automatic Rubbish Bin

Automatic Rubbish Bin Quick Detail: Structure:Standing Color:rose gold Capacity:12L Application:garden,outdoor ,indoor Size:23.5*23.5*46cm Material:stainless steel Function:automatic lid Product Discribtion: how to choose trash can ●the kitchen trash can preferably cover. There......
stainless steel
automatic lid
china red
garden,outdoor ,indoor

Automatic Rubbish Bin

the kitchen trash can preferably cover.

There are two kinds of trash cans on the market with and without lids. Because the kitchen has a lot of garbage with moisture, it is easy to emit odors. Before you throw in the trash, you must drain the water and seal it at any time. Garbage bins without lid can hold some dry, odorless trash, suitable for bedroom or living room. The hazardous wastes such as waste batteries, waste fluorescent tubes, waste-water thermometers, and expired drugs in dry garbage also need to be packed and sealed.

timely cleaning.

Because the garbage bag will be damaged, thus contaminating the trash can, the general trash can be cleaned soon, so try to select the double barrel, so that when cleaning, it is better to clean, only clean the inner barrel can be, convenient and quick.

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